The Dutch Sign Centre is also responsible for the archiving of historic NGT lexicon materials.
In the early eighties a large corpus of 15.000 signs of 100 Deaf signers was collected and recorded on video (the KOMVA-project). The signers came from all five regions in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Voorburg and St. Michielsgestel.
These signs have been notated in a notation system (an example can be found in the picture, the signs for HAIL).

In 2011 we have started a project to incorporate the materials on paper from the KOMVA project into the current database and the online signdictionary.

In 2012 we have started with the filming of these signs which will be added to the online dictionary step by step. Apart from the KOMVA material we have been coillecting 'new' historic material from for example the region of St. Michielsgestel.

Information about  Corpus projects can be found on the following websites: for NGT , for BSL and for AUSLAN