Trude Schermer

FunctieExecutive board

Hi, my name is Trude Schermer. I am the director of the Dutch Sign Centre. My work concerns both content and management. I am responsible for ICT, finance, marketing and strategy.
As a linguïst I coördinate lexicon and NGT research projects.
I develop new (multimedia) products. Its fun to do, but I am not doing this by myself, its teamwork. With a team of Deaf and hearing colleagues. We work very well together and I am very proud of this team.

Corline Koolhof


My name is Corline Koolhof and I am the deputy director at the Dutch Sign Centre. In my job I coórdinate various projects such as lexicon-projects where we collect, film and store signs in the database adding context information. Furthermore I work on translation projects where we translate stories or information in NGT. We develop and produce various products such as dvd's, books, coursematerials etcera.
Working at the Dutch Sign Centre is a lot of fun. The team consists of various experts and together we make very nice products.

Bennie Elferink


My name Benny Elferink. I work at the Dutch Sign Centre as projectcoördinator and administrator. I work on lexicon projects such as bible namesigns and physics signs. It is nice work. As administrator my responsibilities are finance, personel, internal affairs and organisation such as the organsiation of workshops and instructions. I am the contactperson for licenses for the online dictionary for organsiations. My job is never the same and I like working at the Dutch Sign Centre because sign language is my native language and ofcourse very important for me. I come from a Deaf family. The work we do here contributes positively to view Dutch Sign Language as a true language. Lately we focus also on the use of signs by a different target group, people who are mentally disabled. That is a new challenge for us.

Ineke Meeldijk

FunctieExecutive secretary

Hello, my name is Ineke Meeldijk. I am executive secretary here at the Dutch Sign Centre.

Bianca Stoker

FunctieSales staffmember

Hello, my name is Bianca Stoker. I am working at the sales department.

Richard Cokart

FunctieProjectstaff member/researcher NGT

Hello, my name is Richard Cokart, Rico for short. I work here at the Dutch Sign Centre as project staff member. My tasks are pretty diverse: linguistic NGT research, lexicon projects such as the regional variants. It is my job to collect and add signs to the database from five different regions: Groningen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Voorburg, St. Michielsgestel. I also work on other lexicon projects and I teach workshops and give lectures. Sign Language is my passion and that is why I like to work here.

Mike Hartzema

FunctieProject staffmember

Hello, my name is Mike Hartzema. I work four days a week here at the Dutch Sign Centre. I have two main responsibilities: coördinator of everything we do at the studio: recordings and editing of films and I support the sales department.

Bart Koolen

FunctieProjectstaff member/graphic designer

Hello, my name is Bart Koolen. I work two days a week at the Dutch Sign Centre and I support the visual work we do such as illustrations, development of powerpoints, lay-out, animations and illustrations for the website.

Patricia Smids

FunctieTeacher/Developer NmG

Hello, my name is Patricia Smids. I work two days a week at the Dutch Sign Centre as teacher and developer of Signed Dutch materials.
I develop various modules and workshops. The Dutch Sign Centre organises courses and workshops for everyone who likes to learn signs. We also organise instructions for people who want to become teachers of NmG.

Sarah Muller

FunctieTeacher/ Developer NGT

Hello, I am Sarah Muller. I work at the Dutch Sign Centre which is great. Sign Language is my first language, every day. All input I translate automatically into sign language. The work here is phantastic because sign language has also become my work! I focus mainy on the lexicon of NGT and explore what the exact meaning and usage of signs is in various contexts. I work togeher in a team. My dream still is: to record a milion signs and I invite everyone to help us. I am involved in the Sign-atelier. All new sigsn which are developed in the Sign-atelier are important for the news interpreters as well. I support these interpreters every day in interpreting the national news broadcast. I give feedback and provide them with signs they need. I love to make tranlations of childrens books in NGT. There is never a dull moment in my work here and there are always surpises because sign language is very much alive and my work is my passion.