The Dutch Sign Centre ( Nederlands Gebarencentrum) has been the national independent centre of expertise for Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) and Signed Dutch (NmG) since 1996.

Our mission is the maintenance and promotion of NGT.

The Dutch Sign Centre has been recognised by the Dutch Department of Education, Culture and Science as the Lexicographic Institute for NGT since 2004.

We collect signs from Deaf native signers from all regions in the Netherlands, we make the data accessible for example via an online signdictionary which contains both standard signs and regional variants.

We develop and produce coursematerials, (digital) dictionaries and educational materials, we do research into the grammar of NGT, we give workshops, provide information about NGT and advise on the use of signs in the communications with different target groups.

At the Dutch Sign Centre we work in a team with 11 Deaf and hearing staffmembers. 

Executive Board
Dr. Trude Schermer

Corline Koolhof, Deputy-Director

Supervisory Board

Chair,  Drs. E.P. Hus, Independent interim manager en adviseur. 
             Associé bij Boer & Croon

Mr.J.Schutz, Schutz,  Advies en Management- owner/consultant and interim manager

Mr. P.M.Schoof

Dr.P.G.Elzinga, Projectleader Centrale Informatie Organisatie and Advisor Informatie voorziening National Politie, eenheid Amsterdam-Amstelland.

The Dutch Sign Centre is partly funded by the Department of Education, Culture and Science.