My First 1500 Signs 

Mijn eerste 1500 Gebaren

This book contains 1500 illustrations of standard signs of Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) which are essential for early languag acquisition. Each theme is introduced by a cheerfull illustration which can be used to practise the signs.

The theme's in this book are those that are commonly used in kindergarten and primary schools: Family , Going to bed and Getting up, Clothing, Food and Drinks, Playing inside and outside, School, Fairytales and other stories, Feelings and opinions, In and around the house, Shopping, Seasons and the Weather, Animals,  Vacation, Birthday, Feasts, Being sick, Life and death, Communicating, Time, Days of the week, Months of the year, Oppositions, Verbs, Questionsigns, Propositions, Handalphabet and Counting.

This book is aimed at parents, teachers, professionals and ofcourse young children.